On the 24th and 25th of January, Darkside hosted and played in its first tournament of the year: Carolina Kickoff. Though a few key players were injured and unable to play, Saturday was a success and despite the bad conditions, Darkside finished 4-0, beating out UVA, GA State, Auburn, and Florida.
Sunday began with a win against NC State, leading to a rivalry match between Pitt and Darkside in the semifinals. Darkside started the game confidently on O and ferociously on D, and quickly took the lead. The score reached 12-6 before Pitt made an impressive comeback and brought the game to universe point at 16-16. Thanks in part to an impressive D and then huck by captain Jon Nethercutt, Darkside cinched the victory and advanced to the finals to meet UCF. The finals proved to be a dogfight, with UCF and Darkside trading off breaks, but UCF eventually got the upper hand and came away with a 15-12 victory.
Congratulations to UCF on the win and thanks to all the teams that made the trip to Holly Springs to participate in the tournament!
Look for Darkside this weekend in Charlotte, where the team will be playing in the Queen City Tune Up alongside teams such as UNCW, Harvard, Michigan, and Georgia.



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